​The following is information learned or remembered since the book was written

During the panic in Lincoln, a National Guardsman shot at a local unmarked police car that came racing through.

Caril had gotten good at making dolls, and she made one for the daughter of one of the wardens.

When the public schools closed, some kids didn’t have anywhere to go. One, Jim McKee, had to walk five miles alone to get home, which could have been dangerous.

During the panic in Lincoln, Frank McArthur and his girlfriend Marilyn were driving down the street and a police car pulled up behind them and followed them for a while before finally turning away.

Renee Zellweger played Caril’s sister in Murder in the Heartland. It was her first movie.

​A farmer placed keys and money in his car and placed it near the road so if Charlie showed up, he’d take it and leave.

Carol King's father was listed in the newspaper as having died before she did.  However, the trial transcripts list him as a witness at the trial.  This is probably a mistake by the newspapers as that would obviously not be the case.  (This is unfortunately a mistake in Pro Bono as I listed him as having died, then I listed him as a witness at the trial.  The two pieces of research were done at completely different times, so I didn't notice until a reader pointed it out to me.  Thanks, Bonnie!)